The Holywell Primary School

This lovely thatched primary school has been an important part of the Tawstock community since it was founded, by the then Rector, in the early 19th century.  For most of this time it looked like most of the pictures shown below.

When we came to the parish, in 1984 it had just two classrooms, two teachers and 26 children (see the 1987 picture.)  Then, because a school was not built on the new Barnstaple estate of Roundswell it grew in  classrooms (2), teachers (1) and pupils (70).

In 1988 the Education Reform Act created a new National Curriculum (much proscribed, in my view) and required a lot more 'Governance' and Governors meetings.

Mrs June Mitchell (seen in the 1987 picture) with Miss Pat Perkins (the Reception class teacher) has written an interesting chapter in 'The Time of their Lives' about Holywell.

Holywell School 1930's