Upgrading Jubilee House

Jubilee Almshouse in middle of Tawstock village was built in 1888 at the instigation of the then Rector Rev. Sir Albany Wrey, Bart from 1880’s to 1948.

When we came in 1984, there were two residents, Stan. Hopkins and Rosie Smallridge and, ‘out of the blue’ a bill came for £126 from a firm of surveyors who had drawn up plans for its renovation several years earlier. As we had no way of paying it (about £20 in the bank at the time, I think) the trustees asked for the help of the National Almshouse Association; they helped us obtain a grant of over £100,000 from The Housing Association , we paid the bill and started the 'upgrading'. The upgrade was completed in 1988 with 3 single flats, one double inside the house and one double flat at the side of the House.

The upgrading involved taking down the outside loos, creating an attractive garden and putting a launderette in the garden outhouse, as well as the major structural redesign of the inside of the building. My Mum, Joy, was the first resident of Flat 3.