The Outside Toilet at Tawstock

When we came to St. Peter's in 1984, straight from RAF Chivenor where I had been Station Chaplain for 2 years, it took some time to understand the 'Deb'n' dialect. So when I asked the PCC if we could commission a 'church loo' and received the reply ‘Oh, my dear, we’ll do it Dreckly’ I was so pleased. That 'Dreckly' eventually took 22 years, but the toilet is 'just right'. The old Bier House (or Pay House as some remembered it) was deemed a good place to construct the ‘super-loo’. The site and work began in 2006, with lots of local help, to convert it into a disability friendly ‘superloo’. It was such a relief and convenience (puns intended) to be able to have it available, especially for the bigger services (weddings, funerals, reunion services etc).

The bier that was formally housed in what is now the loo, John Gayton a local undertaker, kindly had restored for us and the bier is still in use for funerals.